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I Need Your Vote!

It’s official! I am now a Jamba Juice Ambassador.  Here is what the letter said:

Dear Darla,

Congratulations! You’ve been selected as one of the 25 Local Ambassadors for Period 4 in our Ambassador of WOW Contest and you could become the next Jamba Juice National Ambassador of WOW.

Public voting for Period 4 runs from August 3, 2011 to August 16, 2011, so be sure to give yourself a vote and don’t forget to encourage your friends to vote for you as well by going to

What did I have to do to land this laudable position? I wrote the following:

I sincerely love Jamba Juice. I recommend different menu items to my friends and associates, without prompting. I am a dream machine with extra bananas connoisseur. I have called the Jamba headquarters numerous times to give kudos to the staff and manager of the Fairfield Jamba Juice store. The entire Jamba team at my neighborhood Jamba store knows me by name. I have a morning routine that involves an early Jamba stop to get my oatmeal with bananas, crumbled sugar and glazed pecans; plus my spice chai tea with soy. Then after my gym routine, I double back and get my orange dream machine with extra bananas smoothie. I’ve also tried the new pineapple coconut splash.

 As a local Ambassador, Jamba Juice is sending me a $100 gift card to jumpstart my day with what my mother used to give me each morning before I left for school—a big bowl of oatmeal, a glass of orange juice, and a banana.  Jamba

Juice gets my vote; I hope I get yours—Vote Darla D.



INVENTING DARLA/Warren Buffett, I’m on your trail!

I must admit. I am in way over my head.

What have I gotten myself into with this social media marketing animal? And, boy, I do mean animal.

For two weeks, I have been trying to wrap my brain around all of this new media technology. I said yes to blogging with a passion. I love extemporaneous writing. The major hurdle was sharing my inner most thoughts with the world—pretty much like handing the key over to anyone who wanted to read my diary.

Now I have a Twitter account and a new NiyaKids Facebook page. It’s kind of weird having followers and following people around on the internet. The goal is to get as many people of like interests to sign up as followers, which would make me a leader. I’m all for that. But the other way around feels somewhat odd. I know. In order to have a friend, you must first be a friend; and to be a good leader, one must be a good follower. I get it! The same principle applies to my new Facebook page The goal is for me to get 100,000 friends to LIKE the page to gain the interest of a manufacturer or licensor.  The more toy folks I like, the more folks may like my products. I’m still trying to figure out if my Twitter name is Niya@NiyaKids or @NiyaKids. I need all of my global diary readers to ‘tweet’ me – and we’ll see which one works.

My technology tutor said that the object of all of this is to connect all of the dots. It’s like the neck bone is connected to the shoulder bone concept. With a push of a key, my blog will go out to all of my Facebook friends and Twitter followers. The thought of it is a bit overwhelming.

I wonder what Warren Buffett thinks about all of this texting and tweeting?  I bet he doesn’t answer his own email. But he does have a Facebook page. In fact, Warren Buffett’s page has180, 797 LIKES.

Tweet this: Warren Buffett, I’m on your trail!

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